Welcome to Dual Natured Beauty! We are a mink false lash line originating from Houston, Tx. We created this business because we want women to showcase their style anywhere and express themselves at any time. What makes us stand out is that we are a faith-driven company. Even the company name comes from the fact that just about everyone has a light and dark side to them.

And that’s what we want to outline with our products. Our dual natured theme is all about showing the dark and light side that you have with some of the highest quality lashes on the market.

Nothing is impossible when it comes to expressing yourself, and that’s why the Dual Natured Beauty are perfect for you. The light side is suitable for the day time wear, whereas the Darkside option is all about bringing out your inner vixen when you go out during the evenings.

Moreover, if you purchase our product you also help charity, since we donate 10% of all our proceeds to the Free the Captives Houston organization. This is a faith-based anti-human trafficking nonprofit focused on eliminating youth traffic. It’s an organization that gives young people in the Houston area a chance to live the life they want instead of just being trafficked.

All the little things really show the passion and commitment that we have when it comes to letting people express themselves the way they want. With a great combination of quality, trends and our relationship with Christ, our company stands out as one of the best and most interesting eyelash manufacturers on the market.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about our products, don’t hesitate and browse our store today. We are always more than happy to help as well, so just drop us a line and let us know your questions or feedback. We are very communicative and we work closely with you to bring in front an outstanding experience with every purchase!

Remember that no matter what season or phase of your life that you are in; dark or light,  that Jesus has unconditional love for you and wants a personal relationship with you!